Industry sectors


Tourism, gastronomy and related

We start our networking in all sectors related to tourism and gastronomy and support them with our service

  • hotels and
  • landlords of holiday apartments,
  • landlord,
  • cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs,
  • Tourist guide,
  • boat and sailing holiday providers,
  • tour operators and agents

as well as suppliers and service providers of all kinds for these industries – especially in digitization, online customer acquisition, automation in contact management and optimized pricing .

We are developing an integrated community app step by step, with which everyone can find suitable contacts and plan appointments of all kinds in advance and then gradually book them directly – at the holiday destination, but of course also in their home town.

We start the app with an occupancy display for rooms and holiday apartments and appointment planning and appointment reservations of all kinds – in the restaurant as well as in the beauty salon, at the hairdresser’s or at the doctor’s.

wellness and leisure activities

Anyone who goes on holiday not only wants to eat well, but generally want to have a good time and experience something!

That’s why we bring wellness providers and everything to do with leisure activities into our information and booking system right from the start, e.g

  • Spas,
  • amusement and adventure parks,
  • beauty salons,
  • Fitness-Studios,
  • hairdressers,
  • boat rental company,
  • bike rental,
  • Artist,
  • event organizers and
  • Operators of all kinds of leisure activities

– and all locally appropriate to the selected region and the interests of the customer.

Sale/Rental, Real Estate/Boats

Since, thanks to further crises, there will be many business closures, emigration, but also private emergency sales in the near future – and on the other hand, new projects that are interesting for investments are still being created in many tourist regions in Europe, e.g. in Northern Cyprus The real estate industry and its interested parties, as well as similar business areas that can be digitized with the same type of software, are among the first in which we specifically look for contacts.

IT, training, further education and others

Consulting, software development, further education and coaching of all kinds in all areas of life are further focal points in our network and are integrated into our network bit by bit according to the interests of the members. We are looking for the right experts for every area and every service – and above all people who would like to take over the management and coordination in our network for their area of expertise!

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